Is it healthy to cry everyday?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Crying is not likely to affect your physical health significantly.

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Q: Is it healthy to cry everyday?
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Why do you cry everyday?

People don't cry everyday, but people may cry because if they maybe feeling sad or just may have had a hard time that day and wanted to cry and also they may be mad that day. well most people think im emo but i mostly cry everyday because i get pushed around and beat up when i go to school.

What fruits we can eat everyday?

to be healthy

Is it bad to cry everyday because of your mother?

low life idiot.

Do 5 year olds cry?

Yes, healthy 5 year olds will cry when upset or hurt.

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Yes! My healthy habit is having a balanced meal everyday.

Is eating slice bread everyday healthy?

... NO!

What is makes you blue makes you cry and you see it everyday you go home?

yeah, it is.

How do you stay healthy after a stroke?

Easy, eat oatmeal and healthy stuff everyday! :D

Why is it healthy for us to walk everyday?

it get you heart rate up. so you are more healthy

Is it healthy to play with yourself everyday?

Yes it s

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