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Hi, no. My friend is 15 years old, 163cm and is around 160-163 pounds. You are clinically rated overweight and as soon as you hit the 167-170 pound mark, you'll be clinically rated obese ( BMI Calculator) . I recommend you start losing weight immediately by introducing a healthy diet based on lean protein and vegetables. Cut all drinks which aren't water, including coffee, tea, soda, juice, everything. I was 165 pounds lost 20 pounds in 1.5 months by going to Bokwa classes 4 times a week for 1 hour each time (you burn around 800-1200 calories per session & its super fun ! ). ESPECIALLY at your age, being anything over 145 pounds is unhealthy. A healthy weight would be somewhere between 110-140 pounds. Regards xx

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Q: Is it healthy to be 160 cm tall and 160 pounds when you're fourteen years old?
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