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not really, it doesn't matter

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Q: Is it healthier to live in a colder house?
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What is colder a house in the city or a house by the seaside?

the house by the seaside

How do people live in the mountains?

People in the mountains live the same as people in the normal ground. But they probrably use warmer clothes because of their elivation it could get colder.

Why do more animals live in the colder oceans than in warmer oceans?

Warmer water does not absorb as much oxygen as colder water. Colder water contains & sustains the nutrients need for them to live.

Where is it healthier to live if you have Rheumatoid arthritis?


Can alligators live in colder weather?

Yes, they can.

Do goldfish need an air filter to live?

No, but it helps them live longer and healthier.

Why do you have two kidneys when you can live with one?

It helps you live a longer and healthier life!

Why is your house warmer on the top and colder in the basement?

The house is warmer on top because heat rises.

What ocean does a crab live in?

Crabs live in all oceans but live in the colder parts of the water.

Why is it important to insulate your homes?

Because the insulation doesn't let heat escape, so your house will be warmer, and if you live in a colder climate, there will be no or little icycles on your house.

Reasons for being fit?

You will live a longer healthier life

Why are vitamins taken very importantly?

you live longer and healthier