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No, it is not harmful to sleep with wet hair. However, you might wake up with wispy locks in the morning and it could take you longer to style your hair. Your pillow will also get wet which may disturb your night's sleep.

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Q: Is it harmful to sleep with wet hair?
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What is the reason why you can't sleep when your hair is wet?

Yes, it is bad to sleep with a wet hair. The reason is because the pillow will get wet and you will get cold. The other reason is the pillow will get stinky and will have molds.

Is it bad to sleep with a wet hair?

No, all it does is ruin your hair style and texture I guess

What happens when you sleep with your hair wet?

Your pillow gets wet, and your hair may look a bit wild when you wake up in the morning.

Can you get sick going to sleep under a ceiling fan or with the air on with wet hair?

no you can not its a myth that going outside with wet hair/having wet hair and sleeping under a ceiling fan etc can make you ill.

How can you do your hair for bad hair day?

Put your wet hair in small braids then you spray with hairspray next you sleep in your new hair. Then you take them out in the morning.

What happens when you sleep with braided hair?

Oh, I do it all the time!! It helps to prevent your hair from getting tangles. But it also gives your hair a really nice wave in the morning, especially when your hair is wet when you go to sleep.

I want to have wavy hair but I don't have the time to wash it in the morning so after I use mousse should I let my hair dry before I go to sleep or should I sleep with wet hair?

Nahh, sleep with braids and then get up and gell or scrunch it but do not brush it outt!

How do you crimp your curly hair overnight without heat?

braid your hair wet before you sleep and take it out in the morning,it works on mine and i do it all the time!

How do you make hair curly overnight?

What you want to do is put a quarter size amount of curling gel in your hand and scrunch it into your hair while it's wet. Dry it and sleep on it and in the morning it's curly. Also add mousse to your wet hair for volume.

How do you get black girls hair really curly?

Well i find that it works if you wash your hair and leave it wet, while it is still wet towel dry your hair and sleep on it. When you wake up its really pretty and curly with separate curls. This is what i do all the time :)

Is wet hair bad to sleep in?

apparantly so but iv been doing it for years and i cant see the harm

What happens if you sleep with braided wet hair?

If you sleep on wet, braided hair and your hair dries while you are sleeping (it may take longer, depending on length, thickness, etc.) your hair will be wavy when you unbraid it. The waves will stay in your hair until you wet it again, although they will become looser over time. If you hair is still damp when you unbraid it, you will be able to comb the waves out quite easily, although if you do not comb your hair immediately after unbraiding it may still dry with waves. Add on: The wavy hair after you take the curles out is very pretty. although it may not work out, if your hair is a little bit wet still, you can scrunch it with moose. this is a good, way to get nice, strong hold curles without applying heat to your hair.