Is it harmful to inahle NOZ?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: Is it harmful to inahle NOZ?
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How Do You Noz?

Well noz is a gas that is used to make the race cars go fast. people use noz to get high noz by filling up balloons with noz and inhaling the noz from there kinda like when u use helium to make your voice funny but instead of helium its noz

Can I haz the Cheezburger?

Noz, noz can haz cheezburger.

Is noz and helium the same thing?

No. Noz generally stands for the compound, nitrous oxide (N2O). Helium (He) is an element.

What can noz do to you?

Noz can actually cause you to suffocate depending on the amount that is inhaled. It can cause respiratory arrest and death when used inappropriately.

What is the color of the inside of the moon?

no1 noz

How long does noz stay in your system?


Where can i get a noz balloon?

at a flyer party :DDD

Does noz contain THC?

No. "Noz" is slang for nitrous oxide or "laughing gas", the same kind your dentist uses. It is an entirely separate chemical from THC.

Why is silt importance in construction?

pik mee noz

How can you make your car fast?

use noz or get a ferrari

What actors and actresses appeared in Noz - 1974?

The cast of Noz - 1974 includes: Boris Dvornik Emil Glad Zvonko Lepetic Nikola Otrzan Alenka Rancic Kresimir Zidaric Zvonimir Zoricic

What is the airport code for Spichenkovo Airport?

The airport code for Spichenkovo Airport is NOZ.