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Q: Is it harmful to accidentally swallow your partners urine?
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Is urine harmful?

There is a never-ending debate on whether urine is harmful or not. While some argue that drinking urine promotes good health, urine may contain toxic components that may be harmful to the body.

Is rat pee urine harmful to your health?

is rat rat pee urine harmful to ur health and how harmfuk is it

Can you swallow female urine?

Yes you can. Urine is sterile. That is why if your stuck in the desert with nothing to drink it is recommended to drink your urine.

What is harmful waste?

fecal matter. or urine

If i accidentally licke marijuana will it show on my urine?

Yes. There are no "accidents" in this case.

Are human urine fumes harmful to us humans?


Is touching your partner's urine harmful?

Urine is completely sanitary if fresh. I don't see what your partner has to do with it, or why you would touch there urine, but you don't have to worry.hope this helped.

Is it harmful to boil urine?

It might not be a good idea. It depends on what is in the urine. It usually has water, glucose, urea and salts. It could have abnormal proteins and other substances which, when boiled, will produce a harmful vapor.

Is it harmful to drink your partners urine as part of a sexual encounter and does it matter how you drink or how frequently?

This is not true some native Americans drink their own urine. Its wast things your body didnt need, and mixed with water hinch why you are passing it are bodies are very intune with what we need and don't, you can drink your own urine its not going to taste good and not going to make you sick but it is possible

Sugar in urine but not in blood?

This some times happen in pregnancy. It is not harmful.

Will phenazopyridine turn urine orange?

yes but this is not harmful,it will disappear when the medication stops.

Are adult human urine fumes harmful?

depends on whether you get caught sniffing them or not