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Q: Is it good too drink wife urine and her seamen?
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Can you drink the saliva and urine of your wife?


Can we drink milk and urine of our wife for enjoyment?


Is it haramful drink my wife's pee?

No, it is not harmful to drink your wife's urine. Urine is the cleanest liquid in the world, so drinking it will bring you no harm no worries

Can a husband and wife drink each other urine?

ew no thats gross

Is it harmful to drink your partners urine as part of a sexual encounter and does it matter how you drink or how frequently?

This is not true some native Americans drink their own urine. Its wast things your body didnt need, and mixed with water hinch why you are passing it are bodies are very intune with what we need and don't, you can drink your own urine its not going to taste good and not going to make you sick but it is possible

Can husband drink the urine of own wife?

Yes if he wants to and the wife lets him. However in a survival situation, (such as a siege or lost in the desert or adrift in a lifeboat), a person will eat and drink anything at all no matter who it belongs to.

What is a good comeback for if you were my wife I would put poison in your water?

if you were my husband I would drink it

Can i drink my wife'f pee?

Sure you can drink your girlfriend/wife urine. It is not harmful but she must be healthy and active woman. Even her food shoukd be healthy. The diet should not conclude animal products as butter. Milk. Meet, cheese, not even using salt. Such substances are not good. Her urine can help you feel more cheerful one. Your Psychical situation let you feel I love love with her.

Is it permissible in Islam to drink one's wife's urine?

Never, it is Haraam. Not expressly mentioned though, it can be proved according to contextual meanings provided in Al-Qur'an and Sahih Hadith.

Can you drink wife milk?

If you want to you can

Can you get your wife to produce milk for you to drink?


What happen when man taste his wife's urine part?