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At three months the piercing should be healed, at least mostly. That means that swimming in chlorine will not affect it. Still steer clear of lakes and streams.

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Q: Is it good to swim in a chlorine pool with a almost 3 month old belly button piercing?
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What is the meaning of a belly piercing?

A belly piercing is a piercing on the belly button. Where your belly button might go in or out, it is the slight arch you get just above it. it is a piercing through that area. depending on how your belly button is formed. Search google for images.

Can you get your belly button pierced at 14?

With parental consent and ID, piercing parlors will do ALMOST any piercing under 18.

When will pain of belly button piercing subside?

The pain of the belly button piercing should subside after a week.

What is a belly button bar?

Its the jewelry that goes into a belly button piercing.

Can you have a belly button piercing if your belly button is an outtie?

Yes you still can.

Can you have a shower after belly piercing?

of course you can. just make sure and wash your piercing with saline solution afterwords source : I have had my belly button peirced twice and i have had my last on for almost a year

What is a belly button ring?

A belly button ring is a body piercing placed in a cauterized area of the belly button.

Is it ok to go to a water park right after you get your belly button pierced?

No you shouldnt. the chlorine in the water can over dry a new piercing.

Does getting your belly button pierced hurt more or less than getting your ears pierced?

Your belly button piercing hurts more then a normal ear piercing your belly button piercing is more sensitive then a ear. :]

What is a BB piercing?

Belly button.

What piercing hurts more a lip or belly button?

A lip piercing hurts more than a belly button piercing, but neither hurt much at all. Getting your lip feels like you accidentally bit it haha and you can barely feel a belly button piercing.

Does Bill Kaulitz have a septum piercing or a belly button piercing. I saw pictures somewhere but don't remember where?

Bill has a setum piercing but there are rumors about a belly button one.