Is it good to have big feet?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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It all depends what your gender is, what your height is, what your profession and position in life is. If you plan on playing sports. Big feet can help with posture and health. Tall people with short feet tend to be wobbly and insecure. Small people with huge feet tend to be more head-strong and balsy.

But the thing is, a woman who has big feet tends to look at them as kind of a handicap of sorts. Even though they help her, she looks at them as something that robs her of her femininity. Other girls make fun of her. She has trouble finding the right shoes. They give her poise and strength. Keep her grounded and secure. But they stop her from being light, breezy. A woman with big feet looks down and sees a shortcoming. She'll never be a complete woman, in her mind. And it's a little sad.

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Q: Is it good to have big feet?
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