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stop being lazy

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Q: Is it good to avoid cleaning of house with broom on veerwar?
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What are the different cleaning tools in the house?


Can you give example of a sentence using the word broom?

A broom is a tool that is used for sweeping up dirt or dust from the floor. A good sentence using the word broom is, "I have a broom, which I use for cleaning my house".

When was Jacob Broom House created?

Jacob Broom House was created in 1795.

When was Broom-Braden Stone House created?

Broom-Braden Stone House was created in 1832.

How do you Clear the way to Squidward's house?

with a broom

How do you fly the broom in poptropica's haunted house?

All you need to do is jump on the broom and it will follow the mouse while you are on it.

What are some essential cleaning supplies for the home?

It is very important to make sure that your house is clean and tidy so that no dust and dirt can enter your body and make you sick. However, not everyone has time to clean and that too thoroughly. So, for them, they can hire the house cleaning services that will provide them with their cleaning services at their doorstep.

Where is the house at martha vineyard featured in jumping the broom movie?

Jumping the Broom was filmed in Nova Scotia and New York.

What is periodic cleaning?

periodic cleaning is the cleaning of different parts of the house

What do you do if there's a roach in your refrigerator?

you can get a paper plate and pull it out then a broom to get it out of the house

What did ancient Egyptians use to clean the house?

something like a broom

What House tools that start with letter B?

broom! bucket! Brush!