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Yes. Yes it is, beacuse it it'll genetlicly give you a large penis, sooner or later in life, it's scientificly proven. You can also not get any STDs.

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Q: Is it good for a guy to have big feet and hands?
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What does it mean when a guy has big hands?

it means that he's not very good at arty stuff but he's good in bed

Why many girls like too much boys with big feet?

Um it's kind of nasty though. I don't really care about that, and it isn't what you should look in a guy, but if you look at their hands and feet and see how big and long they are that is going to increase how big their... dicks are. see nasty whadda I tell you, oh well:)

What is a big guy?

A big guy is a colloquial term for a man who is considered to be an all-round good person.

Hottest look on a guy?

man boobs, some big bootay, long hair, big feet

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family guy

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by some guy with really big feet

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not really...

How big is the worlds largest feet?

The worlds biggest feet are 5 feet 10 inches frm a indian guy (ps) (I hate indians)

Why isn't a shy anxious girl self conscious about her big feet but a slightly less shy guy is conscious about his small feet?

Unless an individual has a foot fetish and watching people's feet they really do not matter and there is no indication or statistics saying that shy, anxious girls are not self conscious about their big feet or a less shy guy is conscious of his small feet.

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A guy with big feet. Probably Peter Crouch.