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That is how we can survive so I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean by having a fever, no it's not healthy at all. Fever is a sign something is wrong.

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Q: Is it dangerous to produce constant body heat?
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What are 2 things homethermic animal can to do produce more heat?

A homeothermic animal is one that maintains its body heat from the inside, at a relatively constant temperature. Two ways it can produce more heat are to consume additional calories and to increase the level of activity.

How does your body keep a constant heat?

The body keep a constant heat because f the blood running through the body. The body temperature does not change even if the temperatures of our surroundings change.

Does tea produce any heat to the body?

it is good 4 your health and i think it doesnt produce heat to your body

How filipino produce heat and light?

Filipino is an inhabitant of the Philippines , and they produce heat through body heat , they dont produce light :S

What do muscles produce when moving?

body heat

What kind of animal does not produce much internal heat?

Cold-blooded animals do not produce much body heat. Most do not produce any at all.

What does the constant collision of gas molecules against the inside walls of a container produce?

Pressure and heat.

Are exothermic animals cold blooded?

Yes, they are. The opposite exothermic animals are "endotherms." Endotherms can produce enough heat from chemical reactions within the body to maintain a constant body temperature, while exothermic animals depend on the external temperature.

Does liver produce heat to keep your body warm?

The answer is no. The liver is a filter that filters out toxins from the blood but it does not produce body heat. Here is brief description of how the body produces heat by Dr. Swanson

What two types of energy does the body produce?

Kinetic (motion) and heat.

What is the difference between ectothermy and endothermy?

endotherms are mammals like you and me who produce their own body heat and maintain a constant internal condition. Ectotherms are animals whose internal temperature is greatly influenced by its own environment.

Why do humans produce heat?

Humans produce heat in order to keep warm. This is done by the body using its caloric reserves such as glucose and glycogen to make energy for the integumentary system to burn and thus heat up the body. If the body doesn't do this, it could undergo hypothermia and freeze to death.