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At 8 months you should be taking it very easy. It is very unlikely that you will physically harm your baby, but you may cause problems to your own organs and stress the baby when it needs to be strong for the birth. You may bring on early labour, but at 8 months this should not be a great problem. Take it easier please!

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Q: Is it dangerous to go up and down stairs daily during your 8th month of pregnancy?
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I don't know. Ask your doctor.

How many extra calories is a wonmen supposed to eat during pregnancy on a daily consumpution?

300 cal. per day should be taken extra than your regular intake during pregnancy

When does your stomache start to itch during pregnancy?

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Not generally, using a good moisturizer daily will prevent the formation of stretch marks.

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What is the daily amount of protein that should be consumed by 135 lb woman during pregnancy?

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A study showed that if a woman takes in less then 300 mgs (about the same amount of caffeine that's in 3 cups of coffee) it did not put the baby in danger. Another study in Denmark back in 2003 found that women who drank more than eight daily cups of coffee during pregnancy increased their risk of miscarriage or stillbirth by as much as 300%.

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Insulin is classified as category B in pregnancy.Insulin glargine (Lantus), an insulin analog which is suitable for once-daily dosing, is classified as category C

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