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Hi, It usually is not normal however, it surely does happen!!! I have the same problem. The dentist who did extensive dental work on me had to order a very strong Novocaine from Europe. It lasted for 15-20 minutes and he was not through. He said because of the strength of the new product, he could not give me another shot. BUT, my nose was numb for 3 days. Another dentist refused to listen to my complaints and told me there was no way I could feel any pain. Your dentist should willingly give you another shot if you feel pain. You should never have to feel pain during a dental procedure. If the dentist refuses to remedy the problem, find another dentist who will listen to you. Be sure to explain past experiences. Keep on until you find a dentist who is willing to do whatever he can to provide you with a pain free procedure. JOSA1

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Q: Is it common to have toothpain after a novacaine shot?
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Are chills and fatigue side effects of novacaine?

I don't know but I am having them from a novacaine shot I received on Tuesday. I came down with them Wednesday afternoon and still have them on Thursday.

Could you get a bump after a novacaine shot?

Yes, pain after a shot is called phlebitis, it is caused when the needle hits the bone. It is very common, it should go away in a few days, sometimes, rarely will it last a week or more.

Can a novacaine shot cause ear pain?

Yes . I have had ear pain for 2 weeks now after a shot by the dentist. There was a nerve hit . what can you do about this pain

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What if your dentist didn't give injection before fillings?

Well then it is because he thinks that you do not NEED that shot. The shot is with novacaine and is given if necessary due to its numbing result. All you feel is a little pinch but if he asks you , you should take it. Hope it helps.

Is it an allergic reaction if your cheek swells up and bruises after getting a novacaine injection?

No, it's just like getting a shot in your arm or having blood drawn. There is usually a bruise left. Just a side note, Novacaine is no longer used in dental offices, but it is a general name sometimes used for all dental shots.

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