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Q: Is it cheaper to run air conditioner nonstop than letting it cool every night?
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Is prevention cheaper than cure?

In many times it is cheaper,but in every time it is better

Benefits of wall air conditioner units?

Cheaper installation costs and lower consumption of electricity (relative to central air conditioners) are the benefits of wall air conditioner units. If you use your wall air conditioner unit every day, cleaning the filter at least once in a few months is recommended.

How do you get rid of fried hair?

try a leave-in conditioner. do it every day for a week

Is WEN Hair Shampoo Conditioner good for your hair?

It is good for the company that makes the conditioner. Clean you hair every day will be good for you and good for your hair.

How do you raise a Pokémon's happyness in Pokemon Diamond?

By not letting your Pokemon die (It's this way in every game)

How often should a person cleanse their body?

A person should clean their body at least every 24 hours and use conditioner every other day but shampoo their hair every 24 hours

If you hot-curled your hair every day what would happen?

It would get dried out quickly, get frizzy, and you would hate it. If you're going to curl your hair every day, use a good shampoo and conditioner, a deep conditioner once a week, and a heat protector. Try to give it a break every once in a while and style your hair without heat too.

Is it normal for a air compressor for the air shocks to frequently run while driving in a 1996 Lincoln Continental?

Yes, every once in a while while driving your air compressor will kick on. If it seems to be running nonstop there is a problem. You would have a hole in one of your air bags if your compressor runs nonstop. Hope this helps.

You have been taking your pool water into Leslies Pool and Supply to get tested every week and they say every week that you need to add Conditioner which is really expensive Is this really necessary?

Yes. Without the conditioner you will have to add chlorine once or up to 3 times per day in large quantities to maintain chlorine levels. You will eventually exceed the cost of the conditioner in a short time. And yes a pool is a money pit.

What is a home remades for dry skin?

Well, I only know one. And its not guaranteed to work. Because every ones different. In the shower. Take the CONDITIONER you use for your hair. It has to be conditioner for dry hair. Anyway. Take the conditioner and lather in the area of dryness. And then rinse and repeat. Hahaha. Someone asked me why you use the conditioner they personally use. You use your personal conditioner YOU HAVE USED BEFORE to make sure your not allergic to it, or it irritates your skin. Hope this helps!!! :D

What are the advantages of manual databases?

it is easy to carry every where. it is cheaper. it do not consume electricity.

What Is The Best Horse Shampoo And Conditioner?

The best shampoo and conditioner for a horse is the one that works best for your individual horse. Not all shampoos work the same for every horse and it will be trial and error to find and brand that works well for you.