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It depends on the medicine. Antibiotics and antivirals will fight the cause of the illness. Over-the-counter drugs simply mask symptoms until your body successfully fights the infection off.

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Q: Is it better to take medicine or to let your boddy fight it off?
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What happens if you take outdated Zoloft?

No ill effects. When medicine is essential outdated medicine is better than no medicine.

Can a prisoner choose not to take his medicine even if the court order him to?

No, the prisoner will have to take the medicine if a court order is placed. He can hire a lawyer and fight the court order.

Is it safe for people to take medicine even though it make them feel like they are going to vomit?

If the medicine make you want to puke, it's better if you don't take that medicine, because that can means your body can't tolerate the medicine. Besides that, if you take the medicine, and after that you throw it up, it doesn't make any effect of medicine in your body, because the medicine isn't work yet.

What if you have the flu and you take an over the counter medicine and you start to feel better is the virus cured?


How can you encourage your clients to take medicine?

Try to explain that is for their health and they will feel much better after.

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What is the best defenses against viral diseases?

let your body fight it off. if you take medicine then your immune system won't be able to fight it off when it comes back and you could get very sick

Never Take More Medicine Than Is Prescribed ?

Many people who take the right dosage of medicine and do not instantly feel better are influenced by this to take even more than they were told to take by the doctor. You should never do this. It will not help you to feel better just because you have more of the medicine in your system. In some cases, this can actually be very dangerous. You could end up doing yourself a lot of harm if you are not careful. You always need to do exactly what the doctor has told you to do when it comes to medicine and drugs.

What are the trade offs of taking medicine when you feel sick?

The trade-offs of taking a medicine when you feel sick are: 1. You might not feel better after taking the medicine. To prevent this to happen you must take a nap, a nap that is at least up to 30 min. it will help you feel better, it will relax your mind and it will make you feel a bit better than before. 2. You might feel even wrost if you dont take the medicine the correct way. When taking a medicine you should be calm, it will be better if you drink the medicine with pour water. After drinking it sit down and relax for some time so the medicine will have effect. 3. The medicine may help you but some time later you may feel sick again so you will have to take, eat, drink the right things in oder not to get the effects back again. You should make sure you dont do, eat,drik,ect...the things that made you get sick at first.