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Q: Is it bad to wear a pad while going tanning?
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Is tanning bad for you while taking cefuroxime?

Tanning on tanning beds is bad for you in general. It has been known to cause several skin conditions, and lead to skin cancer over time.

How are tanning beds bad?

It can cause cancer because of the rays. Those rays are almost as powerful as sun rays and in the end you are going to harm yourself just to look good for a while.

Is the effects of tanning good or bad?

The effects of tanning are definitely that the bad outweighs the good. You could possibly get skin cancer from using a tanning bed, and it's really bad for you.

Is tanning in a tanning bed bad for your skin?

Yes, it actually is.

What are the effects of tanning? cancer aging 3.wrinkles 4.sun spots 5. us light skinned black folks laughing at you.

Can you use a tanning bed with titanium screws and plate in your lower back?

Yes, but tanning is still bad for you!

How is tanning bad?

Tanning is bad because 7 out of 10 people will get skin cancer. That means if 10 people went to a tanning bed regularly, 7 of those people will more than likely have skin cancer.

Is it bad that you wear a pullover sweatshirt and nothing else and im a girl?

no, but if your going in public, you should wear a bra,

Is tanning oil bad for your skin?

Tanning oils are not bad for your skin, but are used for the wrong reasons sometimes. Tannin oil will not protect your skin in the sun and this can cause skin cancer in the future.

Are tanning lotions bad?

No, these are a safer alternative to tanning beds. Lotiens don't cause skin cancer or damage. They work just as well as tanning, you just need to reapply every few days.

Are baby wipes bad for tanning?

Nope! I work in a tanning salon that requires all workers to be trained and baby wipes are totally safe to remove makeup before tanning..other then that they wont to anything for you

Will tanning in a tanning bed worsen a hickey?

First of all, Tanning beds are BAD for your skin. It can make you older, it can make you get wrinkels, it can make you get skin cancer. It will enchance the hickey, to make more NOTICEABLE! Don't do it!