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Q: Is it bad to swallow phlegm thast is in your throat?
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What could i have if i don't have a cold but my throat hurts when i swallow?

Sore throat or if it hurts really, really bad it could be strep throat

Why does your dog cough and then clear his throat?

Bad tooth causing Excess Phlegm or possibly cancer

Why is bubble gum bad for children?

Its bad for children because they could swallow it and it could get stuck down there throat!!! its also bad for their teeth

When you cough up phlegm is it bad to swallow it or should you spit it out?

AnswerYes, it is perfectly healthy to swallow your phlegm.**Spit the phlegm out; don't swallow it. Among the many components that make up phlegm are substances like immunoglobulins and glycoproteins that help your body fight off an infection. When these substances get killed (together with the bacteria and virus they were fighting), they become part of what makes up phlegm. When phlegm gets coughed out, it means that they have served their purpose - remnants and refuse of the battle, so to speak - and are no longer necessary in the proper functioning of the body. They have to be expelled. Therefore, spit them out and don't swallow them back. Aside from the fact that swallowing phlegm is gross and unsanitary, it sometimes gets reintroduced to your pulmonary system, worsening your situation.**Nope! Acidity of the stomach is sure to destroy the bacteria. On the contrary, spitting the phlegm out is gross, even though into a napkin. As to the substances like immunoglobulins and glycoproteins, they are played out yes, however, it is very well known that they cannot be absorbed from the intestines as whole. Instead, the aminoacids and other monomers that constitute them are absorbed and re-used. Consider that we intake the proteins of someone else (an animal's). We use them after digesting them.**It may be healthy, but swallowing too much phlegm may cause it to clog up in your throat and turn into a nasty cough.

What is wrong you have a sore throat and it hurts to swallow?

you probably have tonsillitis is your throat swelling really bad? if so go to the doctors and have it checked better safe than sorry

Can i perform falacio on someone who has strep throat?

i believe any sickness or disease such as strep throat is bad for health, as long as you dont swallow the sperm you'll be fine

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Is it bad to suck deck and swallow it's hormons?

it is bad to swallow the hormons you could get sick

Is it bad to swallow phlegm?

Answer>No it is not. it just goes to your stomach. It could make you feel sick to your stomach though.I came asking the same question but found elsewhere that apparently when swallowed it can find its way back into the lungs, so i'd consider this incompletely answered.

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What is senega ammonia?

An expectorant. Really good at loosening phlegm from a bad chest cold.

Can a bad cough cause your ribs to hurt?

If you cough enough to make your ribs sore, a doctor's appointment is necessary to determine the cause, as you may break your ribs if it continues. If your cough is productive = you cough up phlegm, then do not take cough suppressant medication and be sure not to swallow the phlegm. An expectorant will help. If you have a dry cough = no phlegm, then a cough suppressant (antitussive) will do you wonders. However, most OTC products are ineffective, so get a prescription or ask your pharmacist for something with codeine. Alternatively, dark chocolate 100g or over can be very effective.