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Q: Is it bad to read while pooping?
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Why is pooping bad?

Pooping is not bad. It's not good to hold it in everyday.

Do boys pee while pooping?

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Is it bad to read while eating?


What problem did wealthy Romans have?

they had i bad time pooping it hurt when they pooped

Is weird to answer the phone while pooping?

No, it is just multi tasking.

Why is strength a good thing to have in gymnastics?

strength is highly important in gymnastics. i know from years of training and completing at olyipics, worlds and coaching that strength is needed most when... *pooping *eating poop *pooping on people *pooping out of the mouth *Pooping on judges *pooping while spinning *** most important Pooping in/on another gymnist the more strength you have for these things the better you will get. trust me i am Bob McRyan

How can you tell if the goldfishes are pooping?

There's a little string looking thing coming from under it. If you have other fish they might eat it while it's pooping

Is it bad if you dont poop everyday?

pooping is a blessing from the lord, you can never poop to much

Does Santa watch you all the time?

Only in the bathroom, while your pooping or peeing.

What is a lumpkin?

It's when oral sex is being given while the receiver is pooping!

Is it possible to blow off the porcelain off the toilet while pooping?

No, grow up!

Why is Quran read from Fatiha to An-Nas?

We Read The Quran From Right To Left. Our Right Is The Side We Use To Do Good While The Left Is The Side We Belive We Do Bad.