Is it bad to inhale car paint?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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If you are doing it on purpose, it is a great way to totally destroy your brain. If you are not doing it on purpose, ventilate the area.

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Q: Is it bad to inhale car paint?
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Is pine sol bad for car paint?

Yes, Pine Sol is bad for car paint. It is bad for the paint because of the chemicals in the liquid. It can cause paint to peel.

Can you paint with a 5 month old baby in the house?

it wouldn't be the best thing to do cuz if they would inhale it, it could be bad

Who has bad paint 1998 accord?

I had to pay 400 dollars to get my car painted, only to find out a year later that the subframe is rusted. come on. this car has bad metal and paint.

Will grape fruit ruin a paint job on a car?

Grapefruit is very acidic, and could definitely strip the paint off of a car. Other things that are bad for the paint on a car are egg yolks and bologna.

What are the dangers of inhaling interior paint?

its not good to inhale paint because it might kill you

What happens if you inhale a lot of Gold Leaf paint Can it do damage to you like if you huff in spray paint Or will it not effect you I read that gold isn't poisonous but is the paint poisonous?

What happens if you inhale Gold Leaf paint is the gold leaf blocks all the air passages in your lungs, and you die. Immediately.

Can you get sick from paint if you get cut and paint gets into the cut?

Maybe if the paint is WHITE! The above isn't always true. I just left it in cause white paint is generally bad to eat/inhale/get on a cut. I've gotten paint in a cut before, and I didn't get sick. I've also eaten finger paint. It depends on what type of paint it was, and also how much you got in your cut. A small amount of paint shouldn't do anything to you.

Which soda is worse for you Pepsi or Dr pepper?

Pepsi. It is so bad that it can eat the paint of your car

How do you beat slobber on the game epic mickey?

When he tires to inhale you, let him have it with paint or thinner

Can you inhale clipper cigars 100's?

You can inhale your car's exhaust. That doesn't make it a good idea.

Is WD-40 bad or good for the finish of your car?

IT has properties of a solvent and it can weaken the finish and discolor the paint.

Is it bad to accidentally inhale fiber husks?