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you might think of consulting a doctor, because it is normal to have periods only once a month

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Q: Is it bad to have your period 2 or 3 times a month?
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Why did you have your period 2 times this month?

Why did i have your period 2 times this month?

You have had a period 2 times in 1 month and you have unproteced sex?

i have had 2 periods in 1 month and i have unproteced sex

Why did i have your period 2 times this month?

One might be early on, and the second might be at the very end of the month.

Why do you have 2 times of period in the same month?

Because it's irregular, don't worry, perfectly natural =D

What does it mean to have a period for 12 days and 2 times a month?

there is a problem & u must consult a gynaecologist soon

2 times a month 16 times a day?

2 times a month = two months, 16 times a day equals 16 days...

How many times a month do you plow a garden?

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Can you still get pregnant after tubes being tied had period 2 times this month?

Though very, very unlikely, you could in fact get pregnant even if your tubes are tied. The 2 periods in one month problem needs to be addressed by your physician if it continues next month.

What the gestation period of snail!!!!!?

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How often is twice a month?

Two (2) times in a month.

I have really bad mood swings 2 weeks before my period is due This happens every month What can i do or take to help?

Midol helps sometimes. or choose ;)

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