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Q: Is it bad to get erections too much?
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Is too much sushi bad?

Too much of anything can be bad.

Should your boyfriend tell you he gets erections because of you?

Not if you don't want him too. He is expressing how much he enjoys being with you.

Is too much laughter bad for you?

Apparently too much laughter is bad for you.

Is masturvating bad?

If you do it too much it is bad.

Is it bad to eat too much strawberries?

Uhhh you like die.

Why is too much fertlizer bad?

Too much is bad because fertilizer contains phosphate which will burn the grass and cause it to die if too much is applied

Is eating to much protein a bad thing?

Eating too much of anything is a bad thing. That's why its called "too much"

What does too much salt do to you?

Well, nothing really. However, it's bad for you if you eat too much. It is bad for your health

Is too much flouride bad for your teeth?

yes you can either have too much or too less

What if you watch too much TV?

Too much television is definetly bad for you.

Is too much confidence bad?


Is too much dairy bad for you?