Is it bad to drink alcohol?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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No if taken in small amount.

YES if taken in LARGE AMOUNT.

Alcohol is used in manufacture of many medicines especially cough syrups.

Even doctors say it is good for heart- 2 small pags daily keep ur heart healthy.


alcohol can be dangerous for health if it is abused i.e. drunk in high amount, instead of ethanol one drinks methanol which is poisonous in nature.

DON'T drink while while driving.

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Q: Is it bad to drink alcohol?
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Is it okay to drink alcohol?

no it is not ok to drink alcohol because it got bad effects on your bode

Is it good or bad to drink alcohol?

It is bad for you, it is not good for your internal organs.

What is alcohol and why is it bad?

Alcohol is bad because u drink while driving and u could have a accident while drinking alcohol

Is it bad to taste rubbing alcohol during pregnancy?

It is always bad to drink rubbing alcohol. It's poisonous.

Is it bad to drink alchohol?

It is not bad to drink alcohol in moderation unless it is prohibited by your religion or a physician has advised you not to do so,

Is it bad to drink water when you have drank alcohol?

it's excellent because alcohol dehydrates you

Is Bailey's Irish cream bad for you?

Alcohol is not bad for you IF you drink in moderation - that means one drink, not a whole bottle! When you drink too much of any alcohol, it's bad for you because it poisons the liver and kills off brain cells.

How bad it is to drink and take azithromycin?

It is bad as the alcohol may affect the effectiveness of the drug.

Is it a bad idea to drink alcohol when you have strep?

It is always a bad idea to drink alcohol when you are in less than good shape. The use of alcohol impairs you both mentally and physically. When you are already physically impaired (Strep) the use of alcohol will only worsen the effects.

It takes about for the first drink of alcohol to alter your ability to drive?

30 seconds p.s. alcohol is bad!

How does a liver helps the body?

it filters out the blood of bad things, ex: when you drink alcohol, it cleans the alcohol from the blood.

Can you drink alcohol while taking rowatinex?

ofcourse not, rowatinex are medicine for kidney stone. alcohol are bad for kidney