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I personally don't think it's too bad, unless you go too deep. My sister poked one in her ear when she was small and burst her eardrum. She had to be taken to the hospital and she got a new eardrum. She's fine now, it's been quite a while. We still bug her today that she's too deaf. :P But overall, i believe they're fine unless you poke it too deep into your ear. My mom thinks q-tips are really dangerous though, after the incident.

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Q: Is it bad to clean your ears with q-tip?
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How do you get earwax out of ears?

Use a QTip or similar cotton swab

How do you clean stretched ears?

To clean stretched ears, remove jewelry and clean the lobes with a saline solution or mild antibacterial soap. Gently massage the lobes to remove any buildup of dead skin cells or discharge. Ensure the area is thoroughly dried before reinserting jewelry to prevent any infections.

Is earwax a bad thing?

If you don't clean your ears it will get infected.

How do you disconnect the warning indicators in 1991 Lincoln Continental that go off constantly when the DCL goes bad?

How about fixing the DCL that will make it go off or clean the connectors behind the concole, there will two off them, clean them with a qtip, see if that solves the challenge

Is it good or bad when your ears burn?

it isn't natural, unless your in the heat. but make sure you wash and clean your ears. if it continues to irritate you contact a doctor.

Is smoking q-tips bad for you?

Yes it is bad for. Also im not even sure how you would smoke a qtip. Its plastic it will just melt

How can you clean a tarnished ring?

Get a qtip and put nailpolish remover on it and put it in a little cup with water in it and put the ring in 4 1 hour.

Why do hamsters get green ears?

you have to clean there ears regualy

Are your ears self cleaning?

Not really because some people can grow ear wax and it can get so bad that the doctors need to wash it out and that can be painful so you should always clean your ears

How often should you clean your ears?

ears have wax and wax is good so clean them EVERY week

What do i do in Pokemon when my trainer doubles itself and i can't move?

Turn the game off clean the game with a Qtip and blow in it and try playing the game again.

Why do you clean your ears?

to hear