Is it bad to burp so much?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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If you burp too much too often, you could possibly throw up easier than you would without burping so much. Other than that, it just smells bad!

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Q: Is it bad to burp so much?
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Can you burp so much that you die?


Why do you burp so much?

Because everyone does!

Can Katy Perry burp?

If everyone can burp, so can she

Does Rebecca black burp?

Everyone burps, so obviously she does burp

How do you burp at will?

So, ifirst, seal out your mouth breathing, in your throat. Now, breathe in! Burp!

What is a burp?

A burp is when you have an ''air bubble'' in your stomach cause from eating fastly or drinking carbonation. It is nothing bad just air coming from your stomach to your mouth. :-)

Would you fart burp and be annoyed of your date?

I would not fart a burp because #1,that's rude and especially if you dont cover your mouth and #2 you want to have a good date so you dont want to have bad manners around your date.

Do rednecks burp?

I think so.

How many times does an average human burp?

An average human burps 5 to 10 times a day...depends on what you eat and the amount you eat...also sometimes you can fource burp... ;) but yeah burping is natural so what every you do don't be mad if you burp or famrt your only human...also your gas will smell like what you eat so if your food smells bad your gas will smell worse... ;)

Why cant rats burp or can they?

rats can burp but they dont like to because it hurts them because they are so small but they usually fart

How does one Burp on command?

If you mean HOW to burp on command, I have your answer. Fill your cheeks up with air, and swallow it. Keep filling your cheeks up and swallowing. How loud do you want your burp, that depends on how much air you swallow.

Why do you brup?

we burp so we can let out wind from areliver