Is it bad to be goth?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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No not at long as you don't do self harm like me.

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Q: Is it bad to be goth?
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Is goth style good or bad?

neither. all clothing styles have there pluses and minuses (goth is HOT in the summer!) but few could be classified as only good or only bad.

Are there any goth clubs in Oklahoma?

No, many people in Oklahoma forbid their children for being goth. It is very bad and please realize they are located were superstition is very high.

What do you do if people call you emo or goth but your not even close to being emo or goth?

If you're the opposite of a goth or Emo (those are two different things by the way. They should not confuse them) and people think you are them, then they don't know what a true Goth is. It's a state of mind before it's a style. Just because you wear black doesn't make you Goth. Either way, tell them that they don't know what a true Goth is, and ignore it. Besides, you shouldn't be that ashamed of being called Goth. If your child feels that they want to be goth let them do it just NO BAD MUSIC!!!!

What is the mystery story for a scary goth like party?

banned in 20 major cities, an underground goth party is devil worshipping and pain to whoever enters....its a really bad thing.

Is miley goth?

No. She is not Goth.

What is goth in French?

It is actually the same in English as it is in French. Goth in French is Goth.

Was the fashion Goth inspired by the Goth tribe?

No it was not. The name goth is just a coincidence.

Is Flyleaf a goth band?

No, Flyleaf is not a goth band.

Word for goth in English?


Is goth a gang?

No goth is a subculture.

Is a vampire emo or goth?


Is Madonna goth or not?

No, she is so not goth.