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Q: Is it bad if your head hurts all day?
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How to say my head hurts what a day oh well in french?

My head hurts: Ma tête blesse What a day: quel jour oh well: oh bien

What is Pseudotumor Cerebri?

what does pseudotumor cerebri come from and what can be done about having the bad headaches my head hurts all day every day and I am on dialysis and I can't take the medicine because of my decreased kidney function so do I have to keep getting the lumbar puncture.

Who made conker's bad fur day?

Richard head

What does it mean if my stomache hurts really bad and i vomit and it stills hurts and the same day i thought i had my period but its two days early nd its like pinkish color?

you might just be pregnant

Does Tourette's Syndrome hurt physically?

Nonew answer: WRONG, shaking your head constantly doesnt hurt like running a marathon doesnt hurt, duh. u shake ur head all day, go to sleep, then you wake up with a neck thats so sore you can barely move it, but ur still shaking ur head. the other day it got so bad that whenever i twitched, my neck muscle would kinda sieze up. its not the tourettes itself that hurts it the muscle fatigue that hurts. you'd think i would have really huge traps right now, but i dont cause they're getting overtrained, so in all reality, the more i work them, the smaller they get, it sucks.

Is fallout bad to play all day?

yes, playing any game all day is bad

How many times a day can you steam your head over a bowl for to help rid a bad cold?

You can steam your head over a bowl as many as three times in a single day to help get rid of a bad cold.

What happens when a ball hits your stomach?

It will hurt very bad for 2 day or it depend on.... But to let u know I already got hit by a football and when it hit me .. All I feel is it hard to breath...

What is the name of the song in the nfl commercial on sunday night football that has the words you had a bad day?

"Bad Day" by Canadian singer-songwriter Daniel Powter. I can't get it out of my head!

How bad does it hurt up the butt?

my girlfriend says its super painful but when its in it feels good. but it hurts really bad after and the next day also

Does getting braces on and off hurt?

It hurts right when you get them on for like a day and a half then it goes away. when you get them tightened it starts to hurts, but hurts more on the 2nd day then the 1st. when you get them off it doesn't really hurt

Why do you have abdominal pain?

It may be something with your appendix. You should see a doctor, if the next morning or some time later in the day it hurts so bad you can't move.