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yes if you do this within 3 years you will get skin cancer BE CAREFUL

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Q: Is it bad for your skin to put dishsoap on it?
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Why skin bloats when hands are in dishwater?

the water sinks in to the skin follicles and it causes them to swell/"Bloat" or your just allergic to dishsoap

Why is it bad to put ice directly on skin?

slows down blood flow

Is tilapia skin edible?

no never eat it. it is very bad for you and can put you in hospital for months

Is it bad for the sensitive skin directly under your eyes to put sunblock cream there?


Why is it not safe to put oven cleaner on your skin?

because it is either corrosive, which can burn your skin, or it's irritant, which can give you a bad rash.

Which dishsoap is most exspensive?


Is it bad to put vinegar on your skin for too long?

I've never known any harm it could do.

How is orange bad for your skin?

it is not bad for your skin people just think that

Is nail polish bad for your nails?

no but its bad for your skin. it used to be bad for you until a few years ago manufacturers removed potentially harmful chemicals from the product. It's not only bad for you're skin, but it is harmful to the enamel on the surface of your nails. When you remove your nailpolish it may remove some of the enamel off your nails.and only if u put it on your skin it will be badAnswerYeah you can say because there is chemical in it.

Is it bad if jewelry makes your skin turn green?

I think it is bad for skin

Can Clorox bleach clear acne?

NO! DONT EVER DO THAT! It is super bad for skin. Do not do that, it will make it worse and it could be dangerous.

What would happen if you put spray on skin and put it on your own skin?

you can get skin cancer