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How many cars does he have? is correct

How many cars does he has? is incorrect

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Q: Is is correct to say How many cars does he have or How many car does he has?
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Are car axles made for specific cars?

In most cases, it would be more correct to say that the cars are designed around existing axles, much like they are designed to use existing bearings. There are probably some vehicles for which axles are custom designed, though, and it would still be correct to say that a specific axle will only fit a specific car or cars.

How do you say cars in Japanese?

kuruma or more correct jidousha

Is it right to say. luxurious cars?

Yes, that is the correct usage

Say sell cars in spanish?

to say sell cars in spanish is to say, vender auto. Vender is selling can auto is car.

Do you say Jane's and Tim's cars or Jane's and Tim's car?

Depends if you are talking about both of their cars.. or just the car that they are in at the time..

Question on apostrophe for compound nouns. Mother's and Father's new cars are identical OR Mother and Father's new cars are identical. Which one of the above sentences is correct?

We say Mother's and Father's cars are identical because the two possessions are considered separately. But we say Mother and Father's car ( or more likely Mom and Dad's car) because the couple is seen as a single possessor.

How many meters high is a car?

Cars are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, it is safe to say that a car is typically 1 to 2 meters tall.

Is it correct to say Mr Cruz' car?


How many cars are in Jay Leno's garage?

It would be impossible to say at a given time exactly how many cars are in Jay Leno's garage. He is a car 'collector' and has many high end vehicles. He owns more than 80 cars and about the same number of motorcycles.

Is it correct English usage to say 'took it off the car'?

Depending on what "it" is, "took it off the car" can be correct English usage.

Is fleet of cars a correct collectove noun?

Yes because there are multiple cars in the fleet. Ex) You wouldn't say a fleet of soldier . . . you would say a fleet of soldiers

Which is the good car in the world?

There are many good cars being made today. In fact I would say almost all cars being made today are good. If you do some research into reliability of the type of car you are interested in you can find the best one for you.