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Q: Is is 146 diabetic blood sugar high?
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Your blood sodium levels is 146 is this high?


Is 146 over 80 high blood pressure?

I usually have a high systolic blood pressure number and a low diastolic number. My question is that a bad High Blood Pressure reading

Is it normal to have an IQ of 146 at the age of 13?

An IQ of 146 is quite high

What are the ratings and certificates for The Bill - 1984 Blood Counts 9-146?

The Bill - 1984 Blood Counts 9-146 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

Which material has a normal melting point of 146 degree Celsius?

Sugar (or glucose)

Does Daniel C Buck-Burgoon have a high IQ?

146! Wow...

Should someone be prescribed medication for high blood pressure if his blood pressure is 146 over 82?

A doctor taking these readings could assess the need for medication, and what type. The wide range between the upper and lower pressures could have some significance. While 146 systolic is "stage 1" moderately high pressure, the 82 diastolic is barely above the normal range for most individuals. Medication may also be contra-indicated by any number of factors unique to the individual.

What does an IQ of 146 mean?

That's a high IQ, meaning someone is very smart.

Is a blood pressure for a 13 year old girl of 159 over 144 high?

Yes. 146 over 98 is considered high blood pressure for a 12 year old boy or any one else. Without seeing the person, that blood pressure indicates overweight, high salt intake, very little walking and other exercise, and long stretches of time sitting being entertained.

How bad is it for a 17yr old female who doesn't have any physical stress to have a blood pressure rating of 146 over 89?

Long term high blood pressure is not good for anybody. Optimal goal for all healthy person should be less than 120/80. Intermittent elevations of blood pressures can be normal base on external stressors on your body.

What numbers are divisible by 146?

numbers divisible by 146 are the multiples of 146 like 146, 292, 438, ...

Which is further 146 miles or 146 kilometeres?

146 miles is further.