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it is good for you. it is found in fish and makes you stronger

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Q: Is iron good for you or bad for you?
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Is iron man war machine good or bad?

war machine is good its obvious because he helps iron man.

Is iron patriot good or bad?

esto letorpi tomploer .

Is it good or bad to have iron in your blood system?

It's great! If your iron is too low it can cause problems if it is too high it can also cause problems but iron in ur blood is a good thing

Which materials are good or bad conductors of heat?

metals are good conductors of heat, i.e. iron, steel,... non-metals are bad, i.e. carbon...

What is good about meat?

it is a source of iron and protien and tastea good to but dont eat to much red meat its bad for you cause its rare

What characteristics of iron would make it a bad material for the housing around A compass?

Iron reacts with oxygen and water to form rust. Not a good thing for a compass.

Is a high HP good in a Pokemon?

It can be good but if your hp is good your other stats probably are not good so use drugs such as protein or iron to up bad stats.

How can you get good hair?

Well, keep your overall health good. You can use a good shampoo & conditioner, and rinse in cold water. Don't iron your hair, heat is bad for it.

What are the advantages of aluminium over iron for cars?

It's a good deal lighter, conducts heat better (which could be good or bad) and doesn't rust.

What are the weaknesses of iron?

Pure iron has bad mechanical properties.

Why is oxidation bad?

oxidation is rust and rust weakens iron, iron is supposed to be strong, and therefore oxidation is bad.

Is IRON Ore bad for your health?

The human body needs iron to help keep it strong. Iron can be bad if you take more than what you're supposed to.