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No. Barium 137 is stable and is not a radioisotope.

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Q: Is iodine 131 a more stable radioisotope than barium 137?
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Is iodine -131 a more stable than barium -137?

Iodine 131 has a half-life of 8.0197 days. Barium has no half-life. So no, Iodine-131 is not more stable than barium-137.

What does a half life tell about a radioisotope?

Its stability. The longer the half-life, the more stable is the isotope.

What is the form of a element that is progressing toward a more stable state by emitting radiation is called?


What is the compound formula for barium and oxygen?

Barium can form two distinct compounds with oxygen as the only other element in the compound: barium oxide with formula BaO and barium peroxide with formula BaO2. The first of these compounds is more common and more stable.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of strong iodine solution from tincture of iodine?

Unlike the iodine solution in water, the tincture of iodine keeps the iodine molecules in the solution in a more stable way, hence the latter has a lower probability to sublime and get out of the system.

What makes iodine reactive?

Iodine is reactive because it has 7 valence electrons and is unstable. It needs one more electron to get 8, which would give it a noble gas configuration, and which would make the iodine atom stable. Iodine reacts with other elements in order to gain the needed electron and therefore become stable.

When does barium become more stable when it loses or gains electrons?

it neets to loose 2 electrons to have a full outer shell.

As the atoms of the iodine react to form molecules of iodine the stability of iodine would do what?

The stability increases because Iodine has 7 valence electrons but when it bonds with another iodine atom it can share an electron (non polar covalent bond) and fill it's highest sub level making it more stable.

What would be more reactive magnesium or barium?


Which element is more reactive lithium or barium?


Does iodine have more protons than iodine?

No, there is not more protons in iodine than there is in another atom of iodine.

What will the charge be of the following element when they LOSE or GAIN electrons to become more stable?

Aluminum, sulfur, fluorine, phosphorus, iodine, and neon

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Is iodine -131 a more stable than barium -137?

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