Is imogen heap a transsexual

Updated: 9/15/2023
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She is female. If you think she's a tranny then you obviously don't know anything about her.

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Tranny is just as provocative as the N word. STOP using it
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@TS VONNESSCENE: Please don't even dare comparing those two words! I'm not condoning the use of Tranny! Shouldn't be used! But the N word traces its roots to the atrocities of slavery and the perishing of millions. Those 2 are not comparable!

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Q: Is imogen heap a transsexual
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Is imogen heap a girl?

Imogen Heap is a girl.

What is Imogen Heap's birthday?

Imogen Heap was born on December 9, 1977.

When was Imogen Heap born?

Imogen Heap was born on December 9, 1977.

Has Imogen Heap passed away?

No, she has not passed away. Imogen Heap is currently on tour.

Is the singer from imogen heap a guy?

No. Imogen Heap is a woman, and that is her name (Imogen Jennifer Jane Heap). He r band before she went solo was "Frou Frou."

Is Imogen Heap married?

No she is not.

How old is Imogen Heap?

UK musician Imogen Heap is 40 years old (birthdate: December 9, 1977).

Is imogen heap a christian band?


What year did Imogen Heap release Speeding Cars?

Imogen Heap released Speeding Cars in 2006. The song is from Goodnight and Go's single. Imogen Heap also released another album "Ellipse" as well as the album "Speak for Yourself."

What is the song that says tubaluba?

imogen heap

Who made the song who says?

Imogen Heap

Who came up with Mmm whatcha say first did Jason Derulo borrow it from Imogen Heap?

He stole it from Imogen Heap and didn't give credit.