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No. hydrophilic is an adjective that describes the quality of a substance as relates to its solubility in, or absorption of, water. The word literally means "water loving", however you would not use it to describe a duck for instance, even though they do love water ... you could say that a duck is a hydrophile, that is one that loves water. One place you might see the word would be in a description of certain soft contact lenses ... they are occasionally described as hydrophilic which in that case means they absorb a certain amount of water and allow water to pass through them ... in this case it means that certain water soluble gases, such as oxygen will more readily pass through the lens. This is a healthier type of contact lens. Could a substance that is hydrophilic be harmful to you? Yes, but the fact that something IS hydrophilic does NOT mean it is necessarily harmful, it could be good for you. Again, the word is descriptive of a quality of a substance, but does not indicate, in itself, that the substance is dangerous to you in any way. I hope this helps.

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Q: Is hydrophilic dangerous to human health?
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