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Will it could not be that healthy snack 4 u but for me I think it's good I wish there was a place of hot Cheetos

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Q: Is hot chettos good for your health?
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What is healthier hot chettos or lays?

neither but just for taste, Hot Chettos Win!

Why are hot chettos so bad for your body?

nah its yummy :)

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They cost a dollar but the big bags are two dollars and forty seven cents.

Is hot dog good for your health?

yes, i have one in my trousers!

Why do humans drink water?

Water is good to your health and it is good to drink on a hot day

Will a raccoon eat a hot dog?

It probably will, but it's not good for its health because of the spicery.

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no its not good for health

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Health inspections keep restaurants from making people ill from food that is not kept hot enough. They also prevent the spread of germs from not keeping the place clean enough.

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As long as you drink plenty of water and don't get sun burnt because that could give you skin cancer.

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No. it is full of fat plus its not good for your health. Give it up and have the will power to do so. You will see great results.!