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homeostasis is of being healthy. YES

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Q: Is homeostasis the same as health?
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What is the condition in which the concentration of molecules is the same?

Its the same in homeostasis Its the same in homeostasis

How is homeostasis related to yeast infections?


Pathologic condition affect the homeostasis of the body?

Pathological conditions do affect the homeostasis of the body. This is the constant state of the body when it is in good health. An illness will change this homeostasis.

Which term refers to the body's ability to keep internal conditions the same even though conditions in the environment may change?

Regulatory homeostasis

Condition of staying the same?

Staying the same refers to maintaining the current state or situation without any changes or developments taking place. It implies that no alterations, improvements, or regressions occur in the circumstances under consideration.

What is the difference between homeostasis and disease?

Homeostasis is when your body is keeping up balance of internal and external health. Disease is when a foreign body is attempting to destroy the body.

Keeping things stable or the same in cells?


What is it when you take in the same amount of calories you need is?


What helps your body maintain homeostasis?

When you sweat your maintaining homeostasis because its cooling you on the inside same for shivering your warming your inside.

What does homeostasis means?

Homeostasis is to conserve the normal function inside and organ or a body, any illness, trauma, infection or disruption of the normal functioning of the body is considered breaking of the homeostasis.

Is the ability of your body to grow and change is it called homeostasis?

No. Homeostasis is the characteristic of not changing, that is - staying the same.

What does hemeostasis mean?

Homeostasis means to keep internal balance. It is usually used when referring to a health or disease system in the body.