Is high blood preasure bad

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Ofcourse highblood is a bad sign of unhealthy body it means that you unbalance diet that our body importantly needed. It only shows that you focus to eat meat,fats and sweets like cakes,ice creams and candies.So now you have to eat fruits,vegetables and lessen your rice because too much carbohydrates is not good also in highbloods.

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Q: Is high blood preasure bad
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Did George Vancouver die of high blood preasure?


What are the signs and symptoms of obesity?

snoring lazy over weight high blood preasure

low blood preasure?

is 48 low is 48 to low blood preasure or is it nomal men 70 years old

Your husband has aniexty and keeps taking his blood pressure every 5 minutes will this cause him to have a aniexty attack?

If your husband is that concerned with his blood preasure and it is high, I would imagin that he would experience anxiety which in turn will raise his blood preasure. The white coat syndrome is what they call high blood preasure at the doctors office. We have all at one time or another experenced the doctor /nurse needing to take our blood pressure more than once during an office visit. The reason is your anxiety is high when you first are examined and therefore this causes a rise in your blood preasure, so they wait a little while talk with you, wait for you to become more relaxed and take it again, hence the name 'white coat syndrome'. Some doctors suggest that their patients take their pressure at home or at the drug store because they may be more relaxed and their blood preasure will be lower. So... relax, don't obsess over it as your anxiety will raise your blood preasure and you may suffer from an anixety attack. cheyzer

What is the pressure of blood against the arterial wall?

ur aorta is located in te kidneys.:) its called Hydrostatic Preasure or blood preasure

Does hypertension cause dizziness?

Yes it does. The reason it causes dizziness is because hypertension is high BP and the blood is moving around the body real fast and there is more blood going into the brain

Can blood pressure medication affect the results of a pregnancy test?

no, blood preasure and pregnancy have nothing in common unless you are pregnate and have high blood preasurethe pregnancy test has no effects from the medicine

Is it safe to take Aleve if you have Diabetes or High Blood Preasure?

Yes it is safe - so long as it is just Aleve and not a combination of Aleve and cold medication.

What is the value for normal blood pressure?

The value of normal blood preasure is 120/80.

Damage resulting from high blood pressure can be prevented or reduced f high blood pressure is discovered and treated?

Yes. You can help stop high blodd preasure. The quicker it is relized the better to help prevent heart attacks, kidney failure, etc...

What is NIBP on defibrillators?

Non-Invasive Blood Preasure meter

Is blood preasure infectious or non infectious?

Non infectious.