Is helium more reactive than argon?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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No. Both helium and argon are chemically inert.

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Q: Is helium more reactive than argon?
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What are the most reactive element out of neon argon and helium?

They are both noble gases. Neon is more reactive than Argon because it has a smaller radius, therefore its electrons are closer to the nucleus

Which element has the largest atom Helium or argon?

Argon has a higher mass number which means it has more particles in its nucleus than helium so I would go with argon.

Is the gas argon more reactive than nitrogen gas?


What is he element is found in the same period as sulfur and argon and that is more reactive than sulfur and argon?


Is argon more reactive than nitrogen?

Well..I'm Not sure but I think that Argon is more reactive than Nitrogen because Argon is quite an strong gas. Hope This Helps Yuuh People...Good Luck People With Your Homework....<3

What is lighter than argon?


Chlorine has an atomic number of 17 and argon has an atomic number of 18 what can i predict from this?

chlorine is more chemical reactive than argon.

Is chlorine more reactive with oxygen than argon?

Yes. Argon is one of the noble gases with a valence configuration of 8 electrons. All of the noble gases are the least reactive elements.

Is helium more abundant than argon?

Argon, Ar. 0.93. Carbon dioxide, CO2. 0.033. Neon, Ne. 0.0018. Helium, He. 0.00052. Methane ... much higher than it is in air. ... Argon is the most abundant and most used of the noble gases.

Is potassium more reactive than argon?

Yes you are correct, potassium being an alkali metal is definitely more reactive than argon which is a noble gas (group 18 element). Potassium reacts violently with just water while argon is very inert and stable, which is why it remains in the atmosphere as a monatomic element.

Which is more reactive lithium in group 1 or neon in group 18?

neon is a noble gas that will not react with anything -- any other element except helium is more reactive than neon! With lithium, quite a reactive metal, it is certainly more reactive than neon.

How do you separate helium and argon to get helium?

To get helium you can use fractional distillation of liquid air.-or-If you just wanted to separate helium from a MIXTURE of helium and argon you could use diffusion. Since helium is lighter than air while argon is heaver than air. You can capture the helium as it "diffuses" away from argon.