Is gum good for you

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Gum is good but doesn't do much to your health other than some good jaw exercise. But gum is really tasty. It also help with bad breath.

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Q: Is gum good for you
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Is gum a good idea?

Gum is a good idea to have in shool because, it helps your brain keep alert.

How do you know you're chewing good gum?

good gum is the kind that lasts and has this wierd white stuff on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What brand of gum was used to set the world record?

the type of gum was the gum type that tastes good

Is fruit flavored gum bad for you?

fruit flavored gum is good for you

Is Guar Gum good for you no?

isn't it oveyes guar gum is terrible for you

How long can a human eat gum?

Depends on the gum if it is good forever!

Do the cakes from ace of cakes taste good?

It does not taste good because it is made mostly of gum paste.. It does not taste good because it is made mostly of gum paste.. There not all made of gum paste

How do you get gum out?

Use ice/ice cubes to harden the gum. Once it gets cold the gum will be easier to get it out. Good Luck !

What's a good project on bubble gum?

Which bubble gum flavor last longer ?

What is a good name for a gum science project?

Bubble gum science, project names

Can you get sick off no good gum?


Does Winter Fresh or Orbit Gum last longer?

Orbit Gum lasts longer than Winter Fresh, but they are both good gum. If you had to pick one, try Orbit Gum for long lasting gum.