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Q: Is grey hair stronger than non grey?
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Can someone be stronger than dynamite?

No one and I mean no one can be stronger than dynamite. It is a non-fact. It was said in a legend called "John Henry."

Is polar bond stronger than non polar bond?

metal will conduct elecricity

Is colorful duct tape stronger than normal non colorful duct tape?

Both are the same

Which is stronger ferrous or non ferrous?

non ferrous

Is straight hair popular then layered hair?

No, layered hair is relatively straighter than non-layered hair, it is better to have layered hair as it isnt as thick, thick straight hair equals frizz!

How is alcoholism related to sugar?

There is some limited evidence that alcoholics have a stronger desire for sugar than do non-alcoholics.

Is it possible for a person to have natural pure white silver hair from birth and not grey hair theres a difference?

Yes. I have a friend who was born with pure white hair and has kept it through life. He is 83 now. His ancestors are Welsh. He is also not an albino. I understand that non-albino white hair is the rarest form of hair color.

How can dogs be tormentors to cat?

if non-dog mean creatures that are not dog then all cat are non-dog.

Is Kid Buu stronger than gohan?

no youre wrong, the manga clearly states that gohan is the strongest non fused character in dbz

What is porous hair?

Porous hair is hair that is able to absorb hair relaxers easily. Porous hair is easier to relax. Porous hair is damaged hair. Hair becomes porous when the outer layer of the hair (cuticle) is damaged and broken. This means that chemicals can enter the hair quicker than they would on non porous hair.

What are some tips for coloring in gray hair?

If a person wants to color their gray hair, they must remember that gray hair is more difficult to color than other hair. The colorant will need to be left on the hair for a longer period than non-gray hair. Also, one will have better success with color tones have some red pigment in them.

Non-infectious conditions of the hair and scalp?

Three non infectious conditions on the hair and scalp?