Is goth style good or bad?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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all clothing styles have there pluses and minuses (goth is HOT in the summer!) but few could be classified as only good or only bad.

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Q: Is goth style good or bad?
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Is Avril Lavigne Goth?

She is not goth, she just has her own style. The way she dresses is not goth.

Is goth good?

Goth is a style and a way of acting if you want to be goth then see if the type of person you are and DONT BE A POSER I am emo and its my fellings and personality not something I wanted to be but something I am so goth is good if it is the type of person you are I love goths, punks, and emos preps suck A $$

What is another for goth?

another name for a goth is 'The Dark Style' or 'Emo'.

What is another name for goth?

another name for a goth is 'The Dark Style' or 'Emo'.

Why do people hate the goth style?

People hate the goth style because they believe that indifference is disease and if one starts it then they will be the excluded individual instead of the goth. Just a side note I am goth so I have to deal with thus everyday.

Is black veil brides goth people?

Their clothing style is a mix between punk and goth.

Why goth wear black?

thts obviously the style

How do you know if your goth Well really more on the subject soimetimes because of a person artist style on art liture poetry writing etc the person was right its a personality not a style?

Goth is a state of mind based around dark things, vampires, etc. You can tell you're goth by what appeals to you. beware of posers! Goth is a personality before it's a style!

What do you do if people call you emo or goth but your not even close to being emo or goth?

If you're the opposite of a goth or Emo (those are two different things by the way. They should not confuse them) and people think you are them, then they don't know what a true Goth is. It's a state of mind before it's a style. Just because you wear black doesn't make you Goth. Either way, tell them that they don't know what a true Goth is, and ignore it. Besides, you shouldn't be that ashamed of being called Goth. If your child feels that they want to be goth let them do it just NO BAD MUSIC!!!!

Is joey jordison a goth?

He is a little bit !!! But he has a style of his own !!!

Why do people want to be goth?

They want to be goth just because they like the style it doesn't mean that they worship the devil or anything!

Is Avril lavinge emo or goth?

She's pop. Listen to her music. She's not emo or goth... she just follows whatever "style" is in.