Is gold a jewel or gem?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Neither its a precious metal

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Q: Is gold a jewel or gem?
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What is a jewel spelled with three letters only?

A 3-letter word for jewel is gem.

A gem is a what?

A jewel

What is the jewel combo for the gold prom dress on Fantage?

2 blue gems and 1 black gem

Did Cortes find a gem or jewel?

no he di not he only found gold silver and religion and maby freedom but no jems or jewels

What is the antonym for bauble?

Jewel. Gem.

What is the homophone for gem?

jewel, joule

What is the difference between a gem and a jewel?

We find gems and after processing we convert them into jewels ..simple.. :)

What other names are for a diamond?

gem, jewel

Is a diamond a jewel?

Yes, it is also a gem.

What is the synonym for diamond?

Another word for diamond that starts with an R is Rhinestone.

What is the Hebrew word for gem?

gem or jewel = EH-ven toh-VAH (literally "good stone")

What is nasty gem for hinky pinky?

cruel jewel