Is glue bad for you in any way?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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If I understand your question right, I can say from training by the Saint John Ambulance First Aid classes, breathing in solvents and glue can severely damage the brain, causing some part of the brain to become smaller, and the person becomes much lesser intelligent, cannot understand as much, and can be unable to move, and spend their lives unable to understand and sometimes paralysed: unable to walk, talk, or eat anymore. That's why solvent abuse or glue-sniffing is horrible: yes, it's bad and the damage to the brain is permanent: there's no cure, its a life-wrecker and that's why in New Zealand, there's hardly any glue sold in the shops. This is about deliberate sniffing in of solvents and glues.

However: if you are using glue to paste things onto paper and so forth, it is not so damaging because there's much less glue sniffed into the nose. If you have doubts now, use a mask over the mouth and nose while using strong-smelling glues, or see if you can go outside to glue your paper together and so forth, so the fresh air cuts down on the amount of glue smelt by the nose.

The difference between use and abuse of glues is simple: it depends on how strong the glue is and how much is smelt into the nose and mouth. If you are asking about glue-sniffing: don't try it, some people never walk again. It IS bad: and there's no cure, at all, for the damage done. That's why the Police are against such things.

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Q: Is glue bad for you in any way?
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