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Q: Is gelmicin good for sun burn on your forehead?
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Why is the sun's radiation not harmful to the earth and human beings?

It is. It is called sun-burn. A good example of too much of a good thing.

Whatever you burn on Earth goes out eventually so why does the sun burn for ever?

Your basic instinct and insight are good; things that burn eventually run out of fuel. For this reason, the sun will in fact NOT burn forever. It will 'burn' for another 5 billion years or so. But the sun does not burn in the same way that wood burns in your fireplace. The sun produces its energy on the atomic level by way of the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium. See link for more.

Can you sun burn at the dead sea?

Yes you can. It is very hot and sunny there most of the time.

Do all people get sun burn?

yes no matter what you are you get a sun burn

How do you get rid of sun burn?

Put some tea on the sun burn so it keeps it from blistering and then put some aloe lotion on the sun burn and in a few days the sun burn should be gone.

How close do you have to get to the sun for it to burn you?

Right here on earth! What do you think a "sun burn" is?

When was Burn Back the Sun created?

Burn Back the Sun was created in 2006.

Can you get sunburn from sun reflecting on snow?

The answer to your question is yes you can het sun burn from reflections of snow, but its a combination of the sun and the reflection that gives you the sun burn. sun light is sun light yes uv light is reflected and will burn you

How close do you have to the be to the sun to burn?

you have to stay here on Earth have you ever hear of a sun burn.

What chemical does the sun burn?

The sun fuses hydrogen in its core. It does not burn it in the sense we are familiar with.

When was Trying to Burn the Sun created?

Trying to Burn the Sun was created in 1975-01.

What is sun burn itch?

Sun Burn itch is when you have a sunburn and it starts to itch badly.