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"No it is not at all is a habit forming depresses the CNS .and effect the functioning and locomotor activity of body"

Thats what many people will tell you, but that is completely false. Marijuana (or ganja, pot, weed, etc) does not form habits unless the smoker is weak minded and has a habit of blaming other things for his/her problems. I first smoked marijuana when I was 12. I loved the feeling of being high so I smoked more and more. After a solid month of getting stoned I ran out of money. I didnt smoke for a couple of months. I didnt crave it at all during the months I was sober. Occasionally I will smoke a bowl to relax with friends, but I dont NEED it. Its not an addictive drug and anyone that tells you otherwise is either lying, has never smoked it, or did smoke it but was weak minded.

Watch the documentary SUPER HIGH ME to get a better understanding.

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Q: Is ganja dangerous for human health?
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