Is freedom good or bad

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Is freedom good or bad
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How has freedom of speech gone too far?

Freedom of speech has gone to far by letting everyone get there way for good and for bad.

What is good and bad about being a fish and wildlife specialist?

good about fish: big eyes, no homework, freedom bad " " : getting eaten by non-vegitarians

What are the good and bad points for identity cards in the UK?

Good points - Zero. Bad points - yet another unjustified intrusion by officialdom into personal privacy and freedom.

Were the ltte good?

In some ways they were good and in someways they were bad. But they are freedom fighters,they have no choice but to fight the Sri Lankan army

Is Spartacus good or bad?

He was a slave who wanted freedom so it depends on how you look at him. I would say neither.

Is democracy bad?

No, democracy is not bad because democracy means freedom of speech and freedom of human rights!

Is the tea party good or bad?

good because the colonists gained their freadom

Is the Americain slavery good or bad thing forr blacks?

Of course it was bad, white people were rich on the backs of the blacks, black people lost their freedom when sold into slavery

What are the negative effects of freedom of speech?

freedom of speech is bad because you could say something bad that might hurt someone else.

Is Paganism a bad thing?

A:Paganism is no more a bad thing than, say, Christianity, Judaism or Islam. If we believe that religion can be a force for good, and if we believe in freedom of religion, then we are obliged to withhold judgement on paganism and accept that it too can be a force for good.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of civil disobedience?

good: freedom of speech and can express one's belief Bad: break the law n can b arrested

What is a short sentence that has the word freedom in it?

Freedom is good.