Is floride good for teeth

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Originally, everyone thought yes. But recently there has been debate about the topic.

Yes flouride helps strengthen your teeth against cracking and cavities.

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Q: Is floride good for teeth
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Why is fluoride good for your teeth?

Floride is good for your teeth because it strengthens the enamel around the teeth. The enamel is what protects the teeth from cavities. Without enamel the teeth would decay.

Does floride rot your teeth or make teeth stronger?

I don't know about all florides. But there is one. Calcium Floride CaF which is used in toothpastes because it strengthens the teeth.

What chemicals are used in whitening products for your teeth?


How long should you wait after a teeth floride treatment?

half an hour

Is floride good for you?

Fluoride is very good for your teeth as it helps to strengthen the enamel against cavities. The most common source of fluoride is community water (ie. bottled water). Excess fluoride may cause something called "fluorosis" which is staining on the teeth.

What will happen if you add Floride to water?

Well hopfully it will purify water and might stop us getting our teeth getting brown stains.

Why should you brush your teeth for two minutes?

The floride in the tooth paste takes that long to react or harden the surface of the tooth. The rest if the time is useful in cleaning the teeth, but to really clean the area between the teeth use a dental irrigator.

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