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The way to remember a simile is to remember AS___ AS___ is A Simile. This would be a metaphor because it's comparing disfavor to a hole you can fall into.

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Q: Is fell into disfavor a simile?
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What is a simile for a heavy rainstorm fell on the mountain?

A simile is a comparison that uses the words 'like' or 'as.' An example of a simile is: A heavy rainstorm fell on the mountain like an avalanche of water.

Is a spray fell around you like rain a simile?

Yes, anything using like or as that compares things, such as spry and rain, is a simile. Hope that helps!

Did Thomas Hooker invent the trombone?

No, Thomas Hooker did not invent the trombone. He was actually a puritan preacher who fell into disfavor among his peers in England. He moved out of England to Holland for a time until he decided to try his luck in the New World. He lived in Massachusetts but he fell into disfavor once again and moved with his followers to Hartford, Connecticut. So, he actually was a founder of Hartford. For more information, please see the Related Links below.

What rhymes with disfavor?

savour flavour

What is a simile in Paul Bunyan?

Big trees fell like toothpicks when Paul Bunyan swung his axe

What is the meaning of the phrase - in Dutch?

It means in disfavor or in trouble.

What is synonym of aversion?

dislike, disfavor, unwillingness, antipathy

Is this class is like a circus a metaphor or simile?

A simile.

How do you say disfavor in Spanish?

Verb: Desaprobar Noun: Desaprobación

What is the simile for the word piteously?

Some samples of simile for the word piteously: He walked as piteously as a convict on his way to death row. As the snow fell, she stood as piteously as the girl holding out matches to passers by. He cried as piteously as a lamb that's lost his mother.

Is I felt like a cheetah when I ran the race a simile or a metaphor?

A metaphor

Is would be as hot as popping grease a simile or a metaphor?

It is a simile.