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Some with older cars don't notice a difference when combining ethanol with gasoline. 10% ethanol mixed with gasoline is a safe amount to use for perfect results.

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Q: Is ethanol combined with gas bad for your engine?
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Can you mix non ethanol gas with ethanol gas?

No, its bad for your engine Sure you can mix them as long as your vehicle has a flex fuel engine. You can also mix then in a non flex fuel engine as long as you do not mix more than 10% ethanol with plain gasoline.

Why does Ethanol gas make the check engine light come on in a Pontiac transport?

It is possible for the check engine light to come on in a Pontiac Transport when using ethanol gasoline because it burns hotter than other gasoline. The check engine light might also come on if the oxygen sensor is bad.

I have a 2003 Mitsubishi lancer and tried to put ethanol gas in it and i noticed that the service engine soon lightShould you flush out ethanol gas from your car or wait till you use up all the gas?

You don't have to remove gas, just add good gas as ethanol gets used up.

What fuel is used in a car?

Unleaded Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol, or Natural Gas depending on the engine.

Can you subsayute ethnoal for gas?

Yes, you can substitute ethanol for gas in a Brazilian "flexfuel" car. It has a chip that calibrates the engine for either fuel.

Is gasoline mixed with ethanol bad for cars?

done properly, not really. most cars can handle a low percentage (maybe 5-10%) ethanol in their gas without harm. It will, however, reduce gas mileage.

Is ethanol gas bad for outboard motors?

no dip sherlock. get a dictionary. gohg. my god how dumb are you? My mom?

Is ethanol gas bad for a 99 suburban?

From what I've heard, if your vehicle was not designed to run on ethanol, don't put it in the tank. Ethanol is a type of alcohol, and will corrode fuel lines, fuel injectors and cause a number of problems. 99, suburban....I'd use regular gas to be safe

Can you use ethanol gas in a 2000 Grand Am GT?

You can only use the gas that is blended with ethanol. 90 % gas 10 % ethanol. You can not use the new 85% ethanol 15 % gas; this will eat the seals on your fuel system. I hope this helps you. Mark

Where can you find non ethanol gas in Florida?

ethanol added to the gas pump is leading to less mileage for my car. Where can I find non ethanol gas stations on the west coast of Fl.?

When you boil ethanol alcohol what gas is released?

This process will only cause ethanol molecules to enter the gas phase. So, it's simply ethanol as a gas leaving the solution

Where can you fine Ethanol free gas in Missouri?

All gasoline except premium is mandated to have at least 10% ethanol. Sorry. Some stations (brands) have premium with out ethanol (Missouri law allows this), the trouble is finding out who has it. Ethanol does substantial damage fast in small engines and cars older that 14 years and some damage in newer cars. Do not use ethanol with a fiberglass or plastic gas tank=engine suicide.