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Not anymore halie Jade is a Spartan and as all good parents do he stands behind his daughter
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Eminems daughter is a Spartan enrolled and attending he stands behind her as a good parent does.

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Q: Is eminem a Michigan or Michigan state fan?
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How was eminem education?

Eminem attended Michigan State University

What state was Eminem's school in?

Missouri and Michigan.

Did Eminem attended Michigan State University?

no he didn't attend high school

Where is Eminem's home town?

Eminem's home town is Detroit Michigan

What is one place you would want to see in Michigan?

8 mile becase of eminem's conncection...i am a really big fan

Where does Eminem live right now in 2014?

Eminem currently lives in Macomb Michigan.

Where is Eminem?

Eminem lives in Detroit, Michigan in a countryside mansion.

Which is a better team in your opinion Ohio State or Michigan?

Although a Michigan fan, in the past years, Ohio State has been better.

Where do eminem live?

Detroit, Michigan.

What is the meaning of Stan when Eminem refers to a STAN. Is this an acrynm?

Stan was a fan of eminem fan who killed himself because eminem wouldn't talk to him or write him

Where is Eminem living now?

Eminem currently lives in Rochester in Michigan. He lives there with his half brother and three daughters, Hayley Jade, his real daughter, Alania, his neice and Mare, kim's daughter from amother man

Where does Eminem live today?

Rochester, Michigan